We’re out to change the data analysis experience

With its simple search-like experience, Drastin is reinventing how non-technical users gain critical business insights from massive amounts of data. Working alone or collaboratively, our users ask real-world questions in plain English to get back immediate business intelligence that prompts even deeper questions and further insight.

We make business insight easy to find in big data

Our belief is that business users should feel empowered when they go to analyze data. In fact, we think they should enjoy the experience. They shouldn’t have to wait for a business analyst or IT. They should be able to ask their own questions of the data in plain English. Then they should receive insights immediately so they can ask even more meaningful questions right away, and receive those insights quickly as well.
We believe this because we also believe that a better analytics experience for the business user will mean greater success for the business. That’s because more decision makers will have more insights, without filters or delay, so the organization as a whole will be smarter and therefore more competitive.

Meet our team

Ramesh Panuganty
Founder & CEO
Dayanand Pochugari
Co-founder & CTO
Murali Mahalingam
Prem Talreja
Head of Marketing
Anand Srinivasan
NLP Engineer
Dinesh Balaji
UI Engineer
Gopinath Vasanthakumar
Data Engineer
Madhu Appojireddy
Customer Excellence Engineer
Neeraj Verma
Machine Learning Engineer
Nikesh Padakanti
Search Engineer
Usha Sudarsan
Customer Excellence Engineer
Prashant Ahirao
Solutions Engineer

Meet our advisors

Nimish Mehta
CEO, LumenData & former Senior VP at SAP
Sriram Puthucode
VP of Systems Engineering, Cloud Security

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