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Democratize Enterprise Data
Watch how Drastin helps to democratize enterprise data and delivers valuable insights to business users.
What is search-driven analytics?
Video interview by Nimish Mehta, CEO and co-founder of LumenData; Senior VP at SAP; Group VP at Siebel Systems; CEO at Stratify.
ServiceNow - Improve service & delivery
Adhir Mattu, CIO at PMC-Sierra, explains how Drastin offers service improvements, and service delivery.
Data Sheet
Drive financial visibility on NetSuite data
Search-based analytics for better financial management and drive financial visibility.
Data Sheet
Drive Sales Performance & Fuel your Sales Engine
Know how search-based analytics fuel your sales engine & drive sales performance.
Data Sheet
Too difficult to analyze ticket data on ServiceNow?
Know how search-based analytics fuel service excellence, and drive customer satisfaction.
Case Study
Brillio brings analytics to the front-line
Transform financial reporting from inventory based analysis to goal oriented analysis.