The Conversational Analytics Technology

Drastin’s Conversational Analytics technology brings the power of advanced analytics to users who can’t access specialists, who don’t know what insights are available, and who can’t wait to find out. The conversational technology adapts to users and their data, not the other way around, to provide data insights on demand with the convenience of an everyday search box.

Analytical Search Engine Understands and parses every human query and talks to data sources.

Users don’t have to know complex query syntax and can simply type in questions. Even if data resides in multiple data silos, data is fetched with real-time joins.

Data Scope Scans all your data sources and builds a relational search model.

Users gain insights without caring how the data is organized or labeled. Context, intelligence, and the relational search model are built automatically.

Story Builder Automatically presents the best visualizations, narratives and a story using search text.

Even though all data exists in rows and columns, the best form of visualization is automatically generated along with a set of choices for immediate consumption.

Learning Engine Infers what users want & builds the knowledge to interpret future queries.

Continuously learns context, scope, and interpretation of all searches to better understand what users want - even prompting new search questions.

Under The Hood

Drastin packs a powerful never-seen-before combination of search-driven analytics and rich visualization technology. It not only unifies your scattered data in a single interface, but also helps you interact with your data in the most natural way.

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